Profile of Deanna Rice, Accucare Caregiver

“Truly listening to patients makes me be a better professional. My love for animals makes me a better person.”

It seems that we all know that special someone who puts her energy, heart and soul into everything she does. She is ready for the next challenge. She has a kind word for each person she meets. She helps other people and many animals in need. The person described above with these traits is part of the AccuCare Home Health Care St. Louis family, and her name is Deanna Rice, one of our outstanding caregivers.

Deanna brings an incredible amount of experience, energy and empathy to the caregiver profession. She explained that nearly a decade ago, she became a caregiver out of a personal family need to help care for her grandfather after he was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. She didn’t think of it has a career at that point.<

“Family members and friends saw how I interacted with my grandfather and how patient I was with him. I was frequently told I had a way of caring for people, and I think the seed was planted in my mind that it would be a good career choice,” said Deanna.

Deanna’s mother (an AccuCare caregiver) influenced her daughter’s decision to become a caregiver and to accept a position with AccuCare Home Health Care of St. Louis. The company was founded in 1994 by Jacqueline Phillips, R.N., B.S.N., AccuCare Founder and President, who has been a member of the team for more than 20 years. Together, they have built a company whose mission is to provide in-home, quality care with a human touch.

Locally RN-owned and RN-managed, AccuCare has more than 100 caregivers providing a wide range of services from skilled nursing and light housekeeping to running errands and companion support for patients throughout the St. Louis area.

“AccuCare is a family. Jacque (Phillips) has built an incredible company where each person matters. As a caregiver, I want to do my best for my patients, my colleagues, and for Jacque and Jane. To work for a home health care company that is RN-owned and RN-managed makes all the difference. They understand what we go through and are always available to help and guide us through any situation,” said Deanna.
The best advice Deanna would offer someone who is in need of finding home health care for a loved one is to find care now before a loved one accidentally does something to hurt herself. “Don’t wait until your loved one is injured. As a caregiver, I am there to help and serve the needs of your loved one. We’re preventive care. As a caregiver, I can step in and make the day-to-day quality of life for a loved one more fulfilling,” said Deanna.

Deanna said that she doesn’t allow for much down time in her schedule because she has too much energy! She spends as much time as possible with her family, which she described as “a big, close-knit family that is constantly laughing!” She enjoys traveling the country with her husband, and she loves and spoils her dogs. Another big area of Deanna’s life is her love of dogs, which has led her to become actively involved with several canine rescue groups.

“I have always loved dogs. There is something so innocent and special about them. They want to be loved, and they don’t judge,” said Deanna.

“My husband often tells me the only reason why I want to travel with him is because I know he’ll drive and I will be on the phone trying to figure out how to transport a dog across country to get her to a new, forever home,” said Deanna.

Deanna Rice has a big heart, loves her family, is highly regarded in the home health care industry, and helps save dogs in her spare time. Deanna exemplifies the quality of care, the joy of caring for others, and the focus on family AccuCare caregivers possess.

Contact us 24-hours-a-day at 314-692-0020, or email us at info@accucare.com, to learn how we can help your loved ones with quality home health care services.

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