Overview (Standards of Care)

At AccuCare, we strive to make a difference in every life that we touch, every day. Our caregivers are available on an hourly, 24-hour or per-visit basis to help with a variety of in-home health care services. Because everyone’s needs are different, we evaluate each situation on an individual basis to develop a care plan that meets each client’s specific needs and offers benefits including:

  • A registered nurse on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week
  • Coordination with privately hired staff, if needed
  • Collaboration with Medicare or hospice services, as needed
  • Flexible hours

Basic services we can offer include: personal care, medication reminders, laundry, cleaning, meal preparation, help with dressing, light housework and help with family pets. In addition we can provide:

  • Transportation (such as grocery shopping trips, doctor visits and other personal appointments)
  • Free flu shot each year
  • In-home blood draws (includes drawing blood, delivery to lab and transferring results to the doctor)
  • Medication setups and reorders from the pharmacy

Our Nursing Supervisor makes weekly visits (at no charge) to each of our 24-hour care clients, and all other clients as needed. This is done to assess the ongoing general health of each client and to assure that they are receiving quality care. Reports are called in to the client’s physician and/or family members, as needed.

In addition to private, in-home care, we provide on-site first aid services to large venues in the St. Louis area, which include the Edward Jones Dome, Busch Stadium, Scottrade Center, The Pageant, Peabody Opera House, St. Charles Family Arena and America’s Center.

Custom Care Plan

Custom Care Plan

Creating our custom care plan begins with a free personal assessment and safety visit, performed by our Director of Nursing. An assessment visit allows us to evaluate the safety of the home environment, meet with family members and review billing rates and the best choices for care to meet individual needs. All clients are also assessed for possible qualification to receive other resources in the community.

A custom care plan is written for each client. The care plan is given to our scheduling coordinator, who assigns caregivers to that client. Each caregiver assigned to the client also receives a copy of the care plan.

Our shift schedules can be adapted to fit your needs. We can provide as little as one hour per day and up to 24 hours per day. Care costs vary depending on your needs and location, and usually range between $20 and $23 per hour for a nurse aide. We do charge time and a half for holidays. We also provide RN services starting at $48 per hour.

If you choose, you can also start care without a full personal assessment, which allows you to engage caregivers in emergency situations. We can provide the care you need immediately.  The Director of Nursing will follow-up shortly thereafter with an assessment and cost-free visit. Our nurse also helps us evaluate for Medicare, Meals on Wheels or durable medical equipment eligibility. Our private, in-home care services can typically be provided within one hour of a call to our office.

Round-the-Clock Care

Round-the-Clock Care

We can provide the home health care you need immediately. The Director of Nursing will follow-up shortly thereafter with a cost-free assessment. For the assurance of safety at all hours, you can arrange for a private, in-home caregiver to be in your home 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Because each caregiver stays until relieved by the caregiver covering the next shift, you can be sure that you will never be left alone.

At AccuCare, we GUARANTEE our 24-hour care. Our private, in-home caregivers who cover night shift duty do NOT sleep. So you can rest more comfortably, knowing that someone is awake in your home and looking out for you. If an employee cancels, we send a supervisor to cover the shift until the next employee arrives.