Is an Independent Living Facility Right for Me? Four Questions Every Senior Should Ask

Most seniors want to stay in the home they love for as long as possible. However, as you grow older and face mobility issues, maintaining your house—or even navigating around it comfortably—can become extremely difficult.

By making the move to a senior living community in St. Louis or St. Charles, you can hold on to your independence longer without the hassle of daily housekeeping and yardwork that come with home ownership. Once you take those endless responsibilities off your plate, you have more time to enjoy your favorite activities and an active social life! And just as important, your family can stop worrying about your safety when you’re alone.

If you’re thinking about transitioning to an independent living facility, here are a few questions to ask yourself to determine if now’s the right time:

  1. Is my current home too much for me to handle? By downsizing from a large home to an apartment or villa, you can cut out chores that can feel overwhelming as we age, including cleaning rooms that aren’t used, making home repairs, and mowing the grass. At an independent living center, all of your home maintenance is done for you. Plus, you’ll no longer have to maneuver tricky staircases or tight floorplans if your mobility is compromised.
  2. Am I healthy enough to move to an independent living facility? Unlike an assisted living facility, an independent living center does not offer on-site medical care or a nursing staff. However, they do provide enhanced safety features for seniors like 24-hour security, emergency pull-chords and mobility aids throughout the home. If you do wish to move to a facility, but need help with dressing, bathing or medication, AccuCare Home Health Care of St. Louis can provide assistance just like we would in your current home.
  3. Is my current living situation preventing me from enjoying the hobbies I love? It can be hard to get to the gym for a swim if you have difficulties driving or dining out with friends if you can’t move around like you used to. At most independent living centers, an active social community and endless amenities are built right in and available right outside your front door! Depending on the facility you choose, you can take part in everything from exercise classes and book clubs to movie nights and outdoor excursions. While most independent living apartments have their own kitchens if you want to cook at home, many also offer communal dining, so you always have someone to share a meal with. In addition, transportation may be available for shopping trips and other outings.
  4. How will I pay for it? Because an independent living community does not provide medical services, Medicare and long-term care insurance will not cover any of your housing costs. Residents are responsible for paying their rent, utilities, maintenance fees, and meal plans. Depending on where you live in the country and the level of housing you choose, monthly costs can run anywhere from $1,500 to $10,000 and higher. The good news is there are independent living centers for every budget, including retirement communities, senior apartments and low-income or subsidized housing. A financial planner can help you and your family choose an option that aligns with your retirement income today and in the years to come.

In many cases, with a few home modifications, personal safety measures, and help from a professional caregiver, many seniors can continue to live comfortably in their homes. For those who want to put the burdens of home ownership behind them, AccuCare Home Health Care of St. Louis can provide the continued care you’ve come to trust at your new independent living residence.

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