Thankful for Caregivers

For all those that take care of their loved ones, you deserve a big thank you – as it’s a big job! And as a thank you to you, we wanted to remind you to take care of yourself through the holiday season. The last thing you need is additional stress so here are some reminders for you:

Let Go of Perfection: It’s impossible to achieve perfection. Instead, know you are doing the best you can and actually, that is perfect! Be gentle with yourself and remember you are human.

Create a Plan: Just 5 – 10 minutes of planning now, can go a long way in saving time later. Simply writing a to do list acknowledges what needs to get done and helps free your brain from trying to remember everything. Carry a small notebook with you at all times!

Enlist Help: Thanksgiving is a great time to ask others to give. Enlist family and friends to lend a hand. Ask them to spend time with your loved one, help with grocery shopping, cooking, cleaning and more. And for this help, be thankful.

Purchase: If you don’t have time to bake the cake, make the appetizer or create a side dish for a holiday gathering, go buy one. Store bought will do just fine. If there is a local iconic food destination in town, people will definitely welcome items from a favorite spot.

Shop Online: Gift purchases made online can be delivered to the recipient’s front door. Also, most sites offer gift wrapping. No time to think about gifts? Get gift certificates; a one size fits all gift that is very appreciated.

Be Aware of Other’s Schedules: Does someone in the family drive right past a store, pharmacy, restaurant on their way to or from work? Have them make stops for you.

Hire Help: Know a teenager? Teenagers will clean houses, do yardwork, run errands and more for a bit of cash!

Breathe: The power of breathing has been well documented, but it’s also easy to forget. Here’s the reminder – take time to breathe, deeply and slowly.

Admit When It’s Become Too Much: This is not admitting defeat, this is admitting that you are human, and that something’s gotta give. Don’t risk your wellbeing. Get the family together and discuss options.

On behalf of AccuCare, thank you for all you do caregivers! We know what it takes we are forever thankful for your kind and generous heart.

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