Meet Theresa, an AccuCare Caregiver

“The funny thing is, I always respected those who worked with elderly people because I never felt that it was something that I would be able to do myself. I originally went to college for accounting, but thankfully after visiting with a friend who worked in an elderly facility, I realized that I loved people more than I loved numbers and now I couldn’t be happier to have made the switch.” Eventually, everyone comes to a crossroads in their life, a time when they realize that they were meant for something bigger than themselves. However, it takes a special quality of person to go and act on it. That person is part of the AccuCare Home Health Care of St. Louis family and her name is Theresa Bowie, another one of our outstanding caregivers.

“I’m a very compassionate person, and I think that working with Jacque (Phillips) – who are the heads of AccuCare – it’s very easy to be compassionate. They’re more open, available and thankful for someone who is compassionate and does their job well because of the wealth of compassion they have themselves.” Theresa explained that AccuCare has such a different feel to it than anything else that she has been a part of because of that connection to her clients and her coworkers. Whenever something good happens or a situation is handled especially well, she’ll always hear about it from Jacque and Jane. They care so much, that whether it be in a card or in a text, her own impact is made clear and their appreciation is genuine.

Theresa goes on to explain how this family-first mentality carries over into the physical aspect of work through a strong sense of personal values imparted onto every staff member. “In this field I always try to be as understanding as possible, because it’s hard to decide to put your family in a nursing home, but it’s also hard to keep them at home because you don’t always have all of the help that they need. When I come in, I treat my clients in the way the I would want to be treated, and it becomes so easy to provide the right level of care and comfort.” Theresa went on to explain that whether it is as simple as doing laundry, holding a hand or rubbing a shoulder, every day that she is able to impact a client’s quality of life in a beneficial way is a gift to her.

Theresa is a loving mother of three daughters, and though she may not find much time to relax between work and family, she dedicates herself to providing the best possible care for those in her immediate family and those by extension of AccuCare. Theresa truly is an embodiment of the spirit of compassion that AccuCare helps extend through the Saint Louis community on a daily basis, and with her, you’ll always be in good hands. Contact us 24-hours-a-day at 314-692-0020, or email us at info@accucare.com/staging, to learn how we can help your loved ones with quality home health care services.

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