Five Hot Summer Tips for Seniors

As we age, many of us enjoy wonderful summertime memories. What fun it is to remember swimming with friends, camping or fishing trips with family, warm nights on the front porch, homemade ice cream, fireworks, and all the carefree fun that summer brings.

However, summer temperatures present unique challenges for aging individuals and their caregivers. The St. Louis area has already experienced many hot summer days. Area meteorologists expect it to remain this way. With this in mind, we rounded up our best tips to help you enjoy summer with your loved ones. 

  • Beat the heat. Because it is more difficult for the aging body to regulate temperature, you must be aware and take extra precautions during hot weather.
  • Keep summer fun. This season often involves many celebrations and gatherings. While this can be challenging for aging persons, participating in summer activities is not only possible, but it can be enjoyable.
  • Continue healthy habits. Don’t let the heat keep you from continuing the healthy changes you made this spring. Simply make needed adjustments, such as exercising indoors or enjoying time in nature in the early morning before it gets too hot.
  • Eat well. Warmer temperatures often lead to a decrease in appetite. Be certain to pay attention to nutritional needs, and especially water intake.
  • Take a break. Recently, we explored the many benefits of taking a vacation. We simply cannot emphasize this enough – taking time off is not just a luxury; it is a necessity, especially for those in a caregiving role. Whether you are taking your loved one with you or vacationing while they remain at homeyou NEED a vacation.

We wish you a very happy and healthy summer!

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