Best Gifts for Seniors

The Thanksgiving leftovers are gone, and the holiday shopping season has begun! Giving gifts is an important part of most of the winter holidays, including Hanukkah, Christmas and Kwaanza. As you look for the perfect present for each friend and family member, it often becomes apparent that the aging loved ones are the most difficult for which to buy. Often, they seem to have everything and there is nothing on their wish list. What is a gift giver to do?

We have a few ideas that your aging loved one may love:

  • Presto Printing Mailbox: Nothing brings your aging loved one joy like getting correspondence from the younger generations or those who are far away. Yet, the younger generation is more likely to email or text pictures. This printer prints off emails or photos from approved senders, even to users without a computer. While this does require a subscription service, once set up, it’s super easy to “get mail.”
  • Chop Wizard: For the kitchen professional who now struggles with dexterity, this kitchen tool can be a safe and simple way to chop vegetables. Of course, your loved one must have sufficient arm strength to push down on the handle. Similarly, there are many other kitchen items available for people with arthritis or other conditions.
  • Voice activated helpers: One of the more popular gifts this year is the voice activated device, check out the Alexa, Echo or Google Home. While this may seem like a great gift for the teen that spends hours listening to music or wants to quickly look up the answer to a homework question, these devices can be of great help to seniors. Without having to type into a smartphone, seniors can hear the weather forecast, news headlines and access a great deal of information.
  • Photo albums tailored to their needs: Pictures are always a wonderful gift for grandparents, but when memory problems surface, they may not seem as practical. Fortunately, customized photo options are endless. Labeling photos in decorative collages is simple, inexpensive and helpful, as aging persons typically maintain their reading abilities long after memory fades. Talking photo albums also make wonderful gifts.
  • Exercise equipment. For those with limited mobility, there are many options available to continue physical activity. Talk to a health care provider about the best alternative. Keep it simple and appealing to your loved one’s abilities and interests; and of course, make sure that equipment is easily stored out of the way.

We wish you happy holiday shopping, friends!

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