And a Happy New Year

In just a few short days, we will be ringing in the year 2018! It’s hard to believe how quickly time flies, especially as one gets a bit older. By the way, have you ever wondered why that is? Here are a few theories.

It’s likely that the thought of New Year Resolutions has come to your mind by now. There are two types of people who choose to make resolutions: those who make a list of resolutions (often the same ones each year) and forget them by February, and those who choose a goal or two and make it a reality. If you would like to be part of the latter group, we have a few tips for you.

  • Make your goals clear, specific and measurable. Instead of saying “I’m going to be better with money,” decide on the details that need to be addressed. For example, decide to pay off new credit card purchases every month, which will force you to limit those purchases. Set an amount you plan to save, designating how you will save and where the savings will be kept.
  • Be realistic. Set a goal that can not only be reached, but also maintained throughout the years.
  • Break down large goals. Take bigger goals and break them into small steps that are more easily reached. Remember that every journey begins with one small step.
  • Set a deadline for reevaluation. If your resolutions are typically just a memory by the time January is over, set a reminder on your phone to look at your progress around the middle of the month. Reevaluate whether resolutions were in line with the above tips and adjust as needed.
  • Enlist support. Find a friend or two who will support your goals and hold you accountable. Resist the urge to announce your resolution in a large public forum or online, as some experts believe that the announcement and positive reinforcement becomes the reward and thwarts actual progress.
  • Don’t give up. A worthwhile goal is not easily reached. Even if it seems like progress is too slow or even nonexistent at times, keep inching forward. Reevaluate often, but don’t give up.

 So, what is your goal? If you need help thinking of something worthwhile, may we suggest you revisit one of our earlier blogs?

We wish you a happy, healthy and prosperous 2018!

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