What are some of the types of services AccuCare caregivers can perform?

Some of the tasks we generally perform include meal preparation, medication reminders, cleaning laundry, changing bed linens, grocery shopping, light housework, personal care and assistance with dressing. Types of services needed/provided are decided after our free initial personal assessment, which is performed by the Director of Nursing or Nursing Supervisor. AccuCare also provides skilled services that require the professionalism and knowledge of a LPN or RN.

How do AccuCare caregivers know what to do?

When we begin service with a patient, our Director of Nursing visits the home and creates a custom care plan with the family and/or client. These plans are tailored specifically to meet your needs and requests, and are updated as needed by a RN.

How are AccuCare caregivers supervised?

It is the Director of Nursing and Nursing Supervisor’s job to check our caregivers for proper uniform and to make certain that our clients are receiving proper quality of care. Included at no charge with our service are annual flu shots, medication set-ups by the nursing supervisor, blood draws and either a bi-weekly or weekly visit.

Will your caregivers take a client to doctor or hairdresser appointments or even to the grocery store?

All AccuCare caregivers are required to have a car with current insurance. Transportation to appointments within a 15-mile radius of the client’s home is free with our service.

What is the one thing that differentiates AccuCare from other agencies?

We are very proud of our close-knit, supportive office environment. Our inside staff consists of seven very loyal individuals who have been with us a very long time. Because we are small and locally owned, everyone who works for AccuCare takes immediate responsibility, allowing us to “keep on top” of any problems or issues.

Can you explain what “round-the-clock” care means?

For complete safety, a caregiver is in the home 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Because each caregiver stays until relieved by the caregiver covering the next shift, you can be sure that you will never be left alone. We GUARANTEE our 24-hour care. Our private, in-home caregivers who cover night shift duty do NOT sleep. If a caregiver cancels, we send a supervisor to cover the shift until the next caregiver arrives.

How do you screen your caregivers?

Every employee who works for AccuCare MUST have a car, valid car insurance, be trained in CPR and have been previously employed in in-home care for at least one year. They must also have a clean statewide police report and pass orientation prior to being placed with our agency. We currently have a good mix of both young, motivated and “seasoned” employees.

What if the employee you send is not a good “match”?

Part of the feedback the nursing supervisor gives our scheduling coordinator focuses on the type of person she feels will best fit the needs of the client. This is usually based on information gathered during the custom care plan meeting with the client and/or family. However, if you request a change in caregivers, we will accommodate your request.

Do you have a minimum number of days or hours and what is the cost?

We prefer a four-hour minimum per shift. Some families have care one to two hours a day — just to help keep their family member as independent as possible. Care ranges in cost from $20 an hour ($48 an hour for RN services) to flat fees for shorter shifts.

How do I know whether Medicare will cover my requested services?

When our Director of Nursing makes her initial visit, she will make sure any care provided by Medicare is ordered to the appropriate agency, including hospice services. Medicare usually covers any type of medical condition that is acute or non-custodial, and short in length. Medicare also helps pay for equipment that may be needed in the home. If a client under our care becomes eligible for Medicare, we make sure the referral is made to the client’s doctor. Get more information on Medicare.