For clients who require in-home care beyond what family members can manage, AccuCare is a solution that can provide comfort to all parties. Family members can rest assured that their loved ones are receiving quality assistance and support in a place they know and love, from an organization recognized as a leader in in-home care.

“In the 8+ years I have been working with AccuCare, I have found their staff to be professional, reliable, courteous and most of all accommodating. Their 24-hour availability is extremely comforting to clients/families. They provide solutions and follow up reports of appointments, visits, etc. This is extremely important for family members who are not local or unable to attend these appointments. It provides peace of mind. AccuCare is a top-notch business and it goes without saying why there is a heart on their logo—they are genuinely concerned for each and every client. Our Heart-Your Home.”

M.H. Clayton, Missouri

We know that family members want to care for their loved ones. However, they also need to deal with their own daily lives. Sometimes family members feel the stress of having “to do it all.” As a result, they can get worn down, ill or just plain tired. AccuCare can provide the space family caregivers need — peace of mind to leave your loved one in the care of someone who has their best interests at heart. So you can also take care of your life needs, without feeling guilty or worried.

Just having time to run out for an errand or an appointment can relieve some of the stress that can come with caring for a loved one. Plus, the loved one in your care will be glad that you are not constantly “on duty.” Having help in the home can be a gift you and your loved one can give each other.

“AccuCare allowed me to be there as a daughter and not a caregiver. My parents could not have lived at home if it wasn’t for AccuCare. The caregivers were like family.”

C.R. Chesterfield, Missouri

“In my 9-month experience with AccuCare, these qualities have stood out: kindness and compassion of the caregivers; flexibility and a “can do” agency attitude; timely, frequent and detailed communications about important safety and care issues; refreshing candor about various and shifting challenges faced in providing protection and care.”

W.M., Bethesda, MD

I am a police officer now and unable to work any secondary jobs until I’m off probationary status which will be another few months. I plan on picking up shifts when that time comes. Accucare is one of the most caring and awesome company’s I’ve worked for. Thank you for what you all do.

Daniel R

AccuCare caregivers are competent, agreeable and have nice personalities. I am most appreciative of the personal attention…they take care of everything. They are completely honest and I trust them completely.

G.E. Ladue, Missouri

Are you looking for someone to care for you or your loved one in your home? Look no further. AccuCare is the one for you to contact. AccuCare will provide exceptional private care in your home and will care for your personal needs. The caregivers at AccuCare are pleasant, caring, loving and compassionate. Their only interest is you. Do you need more evidence that AccuCare is the one for you? Contact them now. You won’t be disappointed.

Sr. L.P. Afton, Missouri